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Culture in the Digital Age


Sudan's Industry and its rich cultural heritage are important assets in today's increasingly globalised and digitised world. Sudan must tap these assets, help its industries evolve and ensure that all regions benefit.

Cultural heritage


Digitalisation has had a far-reaching and complex impact on the handling of cultural heritage. The more striking forms of cultural heritage, such as two-dimensional art works in museums, have an obvious potential for digital translation. However, this is less evident for three-dimensional objects and information

E-culture in the context of social development


Digitalisation is both a technological and a social development. Facilitated by advances in computer technology and telecom networks, the true relevance of digitalisation lies in the way new media and information technology are practically incorporated and utilised in society.

About Sudan

Sudan is a very huge country, it is the biggest one in Africa

OLPC Project

A network has been made from many entities

ICT in Khartoum

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Darfur Culture

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