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A Suggestion to form a work team in order to establish Dawaa websites   and to review the Islamic references in the websites

The participants in6th information and communications forum stressed the importance of using the internet as a way of Dawaa. They also asked the users of the internet to know their Islamic teachings before entering the internet.

the participants suggested forming a work team from Islamic leaders, youth, and thinkers so as to establish websites which concern with Dawaa and to review the Islamic references in the internet.

In the forum, Dr Badr Aldeen Ahmad Ibrahim who teaches communication in the Omdurman Islamic university said that the internet could be a useful media for Dawaa as it is cheap, has a great spread also a documentary means. He pointed out to the value of having efficient and secure websites which belong to deep-rooted authority

Dr Bad Aldeen explained that the internet has bad sides among which the contradiction of ideas and the existence of different groups and denominations besides accusing Islam with terrorism .some people work hard to spread the false HADITH (prophetic tradition)

He explained the advantages of the internet which can be seen in its ability to address a lot of people and impart the Islamic teachings and to call non Muslims to the Islam and to defeat false accusations libel. He announced that Muslims should observe anti-Islam websites besides establishing specialized websites by different languages, having controlled luxury inside the website. 

On the other hand the engineer AL HABIR ALSIDEEG (national expert in the national information centre) pointed out that the process of DAWAA is a great responsibility and he accused groups but he did not identify them who work to give negative image about Islam and Muslims. engineer Alhabir asks for all Muslims to know their Islamic teachings and to enter the useful websites and avoid corrupted ones .he announced that there were certain false information in the internet .he warned people not to waste their time in unfruitful things .he advised people to be aware of the agreements which are found in some websites to avoid the troubles resulted from them.



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