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Establishment of NTC


The National Telecommunications Corporation(NTC) established in September 1996 with a view to providing an effective regulatory framework with appropriate controls to ensure fair competition and protect the interests of the participants.

NTC Tower


Since communications sector in the Sudan has took its shape as a modern communication and efficacious transfer media that made him more advanced States in the Arab and African regions since the author of the area of information and communication of technical developments steady convergence in blending technologies

Workshop on Programming and the Unified Coding


The workshop on programming standards and typical specifications and unified coding which was held yesterday in the tower of the National communications corporation with co- operation with Sudan corporation for standards and specifications recommended of the importance of suitability of the international standards to be Sudanese standards

NIC Forum


A Suggestion to form a work team in order to establish Dawaa websites   and to review the Islamic references in the websites

The participants in6th information and communications forum stressed the importance of using the internet as a way of Dawaa. They also asked the users of the internet to know their Islamic teachings before entering the internet.

IP version 6 - Sudan workgroup


The composition of the Panel:

National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC), in cooperation with the National Information Center (NIC), and under the auspices of decent National Information and Communications Minister, have organized the sixth workshop of Internet Protocol version 6 at National telecommunications Tower last 1st August 2010.

The Support Fund For information


Pursuant to the recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union aimed to establish a special entity to provide comprehensive service force and the dissemination of information society in bridging the digital divide between urban and rural areas, it was decided in 2003 the establishment of a fund to support informatics which aoms to:

Plans and programmes for the year 2011


The technical committee for follow up and implementation of the national strategy for building the information industry in the Sudan has put a number of plans and programmes for the new year (2011) at the same time the Committee has allowed in its periodic meeting II under the chairmanship of Dr. Yehia Abdullah Mohammad,

Brief about Sudan e- Education



Sudan’s experience of the last decade in building and capitalising on ICT as a gateway for sustainable development is a landmark in the country’s history.

The institutional, legal, and regulatory frameworks were reformed to advance ICT as tools for integrating the economy into the global market.

Sudan profile


Sudan is the largest and one of the most geographically diverse countries in Africa. Mountain ranges divide the deserts of the north from the swamps
and rain forests of the south, and the

About Sudan

Sudan is a very huge country, it is the biggest one in Africa

OLPC Project

A network has been made from many entities

ICT in Khartoum

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Darfur Culture

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