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ICTs, knowledge, productivity, growth and development

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ICTs, knowledge, productivity, growth and development

Although there is sufficient evidence of research regarding the positive economic impact of ICT use on innovation processes within the companies, especially on efficacy, productivity and growth, there is still little evidence of it with respect to ‘ex-ante’ and ‘ex-post’ determinants of this positive impact.

Therefore, this research area sets out to analyse:

  1. Individual, economic, social and institutional determinants of ICT use within the organizations;

  2. The virtuous circle between efficiency and economic growth (technology, education/training and organization)

  3. Impact of the positive relationship between ICT, knowledge, efficiency and competitiveness in terms of development.

In this point, special attention is paid to analysing the feedback processes between ICT, economic growth, economic and human development taking into account the convergence among countries and the different stages of development (leapfrogging) towards the Network Society.

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