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ICT Conference has been held in 28/11/2010 at Itisalat Tower. The conference which was attended by some of DDCO members, has come within the annual Kitex exihibition. The minister of Information and Communication Technologies, Dr. Yahya has promised that the many ICT projects will be done in the new future. At the same time many attenders have stated and recommended to reduce prices of all ICT related services, Customs and other government fees related to ICT equipments and services. Also participants have recommended executing digital services, providing information services by the government departments to the public in terms of State websites and that all these projects should be implemented during a fixed terms.

Also Dr. Yehia Abdullah Mohammad, Minister of Communications information technologies has expected at the end of the first Conference of information and communication technology  yesterday, which came under the slogan of "electronic government and the prospects for the future) that the law of computer occupations will approved beside the completion of the delivery of a fiber-optic network for universities in the coming period and confirmed that the recommendations of the Conference will find its serious follow-up and implementation. He also mentioned the distribution of 23,000 computers for schools in coordination with the Ministry of Public Education in the past period the minister noted that schools which lack electricity delivered through a fund force destruction as responsible for the project so as to enable those organs to work; and pointed out that the joint commission between the Ministry and the Ministry of Education will determine the special situation of the U.S. school until next year on completion of the delivery of the computer systems And laboratories for all schools in the country and assured his attention to basic and specialized training curriculum and to the adoption of national exams for computer..

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