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Learning: Anytime, Anywhere, for Everyone


Modern, effective education and training systems are vital to everything from economic competitiveness to social inclusion. Information and communications technologies (ICTs) are part of the answer, improving classical education and providing flexible learning solutions to people throughout their life. Widespread digital literacy, however, is vital.


ICTs enable lifelong learning, allowing learners to keep learning once their formal educational years are behind them. By helping people pick up new skills, ICTs benefit both the individuals and the economy as a whole, helping keep Europe's workforce highly skilled. More: Enhancing Education & Training theme

The other side of this coin, of course, is digital literacy. Today, almost all workers need to be able to use ICTs, so training in using ICTs is both a key part of Europe's inclusion strategy and essential to reaping the benefits ICTs bring to education. More: Digital Literacy theme

Finally, a subject very much related to Digital literacy is the EU's wider Media literacy initiative. Media literacy relates to all media, including television and film, radio and recorded music, print media, videogames and of course the internet and other new digital communication technologies. As new technologies make it easier for anyone to create and publish content, an unprecedented amount of information and content is available today on broadband networks. For this reason, having the skills to extract meaning from media messages is essential in the global online information society.

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