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Enhacing Education & Training

Enhancing Learning with Technology


In today's highly competitive and global economy, education is no longer limited to the classroom. ICTs can both assist education in traditional settings and help people rise to the challenge of lifelong learning. ICT-based learning can be both interactive and collaborative, providing a more enriching and


* i2010: education is a public service, and so is targeted by the Inclusion, better public services and quality of life pillar of i2010. Hence the 2006 eLearning Conference.
* elearning: multimedia technologies and Internet at the service of education and training. Find information about services and



Browse some relevant Example Projects or jump straight to the following sites: ICT Research: see the Research & Innovation theme for an introduction, or jump straight to the following sites:Digital libraries and content, one of the seven main challenges for ICT research from 2006-2013, will develop"new learning environments that are responsive, personalised and adapt to the learner's and teacher's needs...".Technology-enhanced learning (FP6 research, 2002-2006)

Learning: Anytime, Anywhere, for Everyone


Modern, effective education and training systems are vital to everything from economic competitiveness to social inclusion. Information and communications technologies (ICTs) are part of the answer, improving classical education and providing flexible learning solutions to people throughout their life. Widespread digital literacy, however, is vital.

Information Society & Education


1 October 2006

A short (16 page) brochure on how Information and Communication Technologies can drive innovation in education and contribute to Europe's policy for a learning society. Available in English.

Beyond their broad mission to serve society as a whole,

E-government for Development Programme (EG4D) - National- Level Pilot Projects


The E-government for Development Programme, funded by the Government of Italy, is an initiative which aims at responding to the growing demand for technical and advisory services by developing countries, and countries with economies in transition in the area of e-Government, with a specific focus on e-accounting