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Education & Training


Education & training are a primary concern in all over the world. They assumes particular importance in the context of country strategy to boost their growth: in the emerging knowledge-based economy success – both for individuals and for country as a whole depends crucially on realising human potential. Making this happen requir a fundamental transformation of education and training throughout Sudan. This process of change should be carried out in each state according to national contexts and traditions and should be driven forward bco-operation between States at Country level.

E-government for Development Programme (EG4D) - National- Level Pilot Projects


The E-government for Development Programme, funded by the Government of Italy, is an initiative which aims at responding to the growing demand for technical and advisory services by developing countries, and countries with economies in transition in the area of e-Government, with a specific focus on e-accounting

Using ICT for an educational ecosystem and not only as subject matter


A new infoDev paper shows that more emphasis is usually placed on teaching ICT as a curriculum subject than on using it as an instructional aide.

The effective use of ICT as a tool for education relies on the coordination of various governmental, financial, educational, and

About Sudan

Sudan is a very huge country, it is the biggest one in Africa

OLPC Project

A network has been made from many entities

ICT in Khartoum

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Darfur Culture

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