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The First OLPC Project Meeting in Sudan

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In their first meeting the parties interested in importing OLPC project to the Sudan and build on previous efforts were made a brief presentation about Laptop Per Child (OLPC). The meeting hosted by the City of Africa tech on University Avenue each of:
1 - Dr. Osama Abdul Wahab Mohammed Reyes: Director of the city of Africa tech
2 - Dr. safe Idris Ahmad Bahr: Adviser to the Institute of the development of the Community College East Nile
3 - Hanan Abdul governance projects Secretary: Musharraf Institute of the development of the Community College East Nile
4 - Dr. Abd al-Majid Khalil Mohammed:Darfur digital city
5 - Dr. Mohamed Awad El-Sheikh Mohammed, director of Computer Center, University of Sudan.
6 - Dr. Mohammad Yaqub Gigar Adam, director of computer software applications of the University of Sudan

Access to personal computers

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A PC – desktop, laptop or notebook computer – is an essential tool in order to use information technology software applications. It is potentially important to boost efficiency but not for all enterprises. The PC is also an important device for accessing the Internet.

Digital Literacy: Skills for the Information Society

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Information and communications technologies (ICTs) affect our lives every day - from interacting with our governments to working from home, from keeping in touch with our friends to accessing healthcare and education.

Using ICT for an educational ecosystem and not only as subject matter

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A new infoDev paper shows that more emphasis is usually placed on teaching ICT as a curriculum subject than on using it as an instructional aide.

The effective use of ICT as a tool for education relies on the coordination of various governmental, financial, educational, and